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The Hotline staff will answer any further questions you may have about the Employment Separation Certificate. Former employees please see important information on the back of this form. for Certificate see page 1 Information for Employers What are Employment Separation Certificates to an employee if requested. The information contained in the Employment Separation Certificate is used to ensure that correct payments are made to customers. Instructions SU001. 0804 Page 1 of 2 Employment...
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Hey there Shawn here reviewing this time out of Sydney Australia I wanted to review for you the most recent best foreign language film winner at the Academy Awards for the 2011-2012 year Oscar Fahad is a separation which he wrote produced and directed many people have been heralding a separation as a groundbreaking and landmark film for Farsi language film specifically because it is the only Farsi language film in history to get an Oscar nomination outside of the Best Foreign Language Film category and only the second in history ever to do that considering Iran's political relationship with the United States and most of Western culture to see a film like a separation which is a masterpiece of writing acting direction and visual style spread into Western theatres as well as down here in Australia and the land down under is really extraordinary but there's a reason for that Farhadi script is totally supreme and I think a separation is one of the best films I've ever seen in film classes in scholastic settings in experimental film study and in mainstream theaters a separation is so powerful because it is simplistic the story is very clear direct and well formatted at about two hours you only realize what's happened is what's happened in the film and I know that sounds like a ridiculous line but let me explain the film is about nadir and his wife's II mean played by Paton Mojave and Leila Hitomi now if I've messed up those two names please forgive me because they're their names that I simply don't recognize and I can't name the actors without looking at a script or IMDB as you know I do all of my reviews unedited and unscripted so I won't be looking at a computer screen here I'm looking directly at the camera there is no webpage up on my browser nor do I have my phone with me again if I mess up the names of anyone please forgive me and allow me the mistake as I did appreciate a separation and I really want to discuss its merits as a film now this family wants to have a separation the film is about their divorce they have a daughter Tara an 11 year old highly-intelligent who goes to school and feels sort of disgraced by the fact that her father and mother considering separating when the film deals with issues of piety and religious behavior devout respect for the Quran Muslim attitudes in Iran and it associates the politics and the religious politics with this family separation as the family as nadir and seeming specifically are getting ready to separate nadir wants to stay in Iran to live with his father who has Al's I MERS and seeming wants to leave the country on a visa had take ter met with her now where does ten may want to go we don't find out throughout the entire film but we do know that the girl equally loves her parents her father played by mo obby is extremely brash he's hard-headed he's an intelligent and graceful man and he loves his wife Hitomi is of course an extraordinarily beautiful woman and he's a handsome gentleman but as nadir he...
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